The End Hunger Today Club is an "extracurricular" club at Webster High School that was founded by Cameron Parks in the episode ParticipANTs . The members of the club use school funds and fraudulent donations to sit in a classroom and eat buffalo wings.


There are only three members in the club including Cameron Parks, Fletcher Quimby, and Susan Skidmore. It is very rare for new members to be allowed in. Cameron only allowed Fletcher in to avoid being caught by Principal Skidmore. However, Principal Skidmore ended up finding out about the club and she, instead of punishing Cameron and Fletcher, wanted to join the club. Principal Skidmore would not allow Fletcher's friend, Olive, into the club, most likely because the three members wanted all of the buffalo wings to themselves. To get Olive to go away, Skidmore chucked a buffalo wing at her and she ran away.