Lexi Reed
Full Name

Alexis Taylor Reed





Resides in

San Francisco, California



Eye Color


Hair Color



Unnamed mother
Unnamed father


Keith (ex-boyfriend) Cameron Parks (possibly)


Paisley Houndstooth


Chyna Parks(frenemy)


Webster High School

First Episode


Portrayed By

Stefanie Scott

180px-Lexi ant farm
Alexis Taylor "Lexi" Reed
is a pretty, but cruel and self-centered student at Webster High School. She was the lead in all of the musicals until Chyna showed up. She was also the freshman president of student council and is on the cheerleading squad with Paisley. She thinks of Chyna as her competition. Lexi will do anything to be the one with the credit. For instance, in "Bad RomANTs", Lexi tries so hard to get on the cover of the school newspaper for popularity. She is Chyna's biggest rival at Webster High School. She is the Queen of the school, and she often tries to mess with the ANTs.


Lexi is a typical alpha female; a mean girl. She often puts people down by doing things such as sarcastically complimenting people. She's always been naturally beautiful. She has won many beauty pageants in her childhood, thus making her popular. Previous plays she starred in were Grease, Annie, and Fiddler on The Roof. She is very protective of her popular status, and doesn't like it when other talented people are around her. She tries to sabotage people for the sake of her popularity, such as Chyna and Abigail, but it usually backfires on her. She also considers socializing with certain people bad for her popularity.


In TransplANTed, she greets Chyna by knocking her out of her chair. She has a party at her house. Chyna, Fletcher and Olive show up to her party, and she doesn't like that the ANTS showed up to her party. Chyna sings at her party, she is impressed with her talent but she doesn't like it. At the end of the party Olive gets blueberry yogurt on her outfit and she states that her mom was going to kill her.

In ParticipANTs, it is revealed she is captain of the cheerleading squad. Chyna and Olive both try out for cheerleading, but only Chyna makes it. Chyna becomes friends with Lexi, Paisley, and the other cheerleaders, while Olive feels abandoned by her best friend. Lexi overworks Chyna at practice, so Chyna loses her voice and is hurt. At the school musical audition, Lexi does a music number about candy and Chyna does a method acting thing about not being a freak. Chyna gets the part, to Lexi's dismay.

In The PhANTom Locker, she appears briefly twice and tricks Cameron by telling him a lie of how to get rid of a person. She then appears when he realizes what she said wasn't true.

In SciANTs Fair, she makes Cameron go into the trash to look for her sunglasses, and they end of being on her backpack. Then, they find Principal Skidmore's cell phone and they keep it for their andvantage. She gave all the foriegn language teachers the week off. Then, she and Cameron find out that Skidmore made a reward for whoever finds the phone. At first, she wants to give it back for 50$, saying she ould buy 2 bottles of end of summer bronzer. But, Cameron convinces her to keep it longer so that they could get 100$ and four bottle of end of summer bronzer. Then, she sees Skidmore talking to Cameron's dad and gets worried, making Cameron give the phone back, although, they get caught and she tries to blame Cameron but Skidmore doesn't believe her.

In StudANT Council, she denied Chyna entrance to the school dance, forcing Chyna to run for Student Council.

In Bad RomANTs, she tried to get in the school newspaper by pretending to do a bunch of heroic things.

In The ReplacemANT, After Olive became the new history teacher, she and Chyna got detention from "Ms.Doyle" and pulled a prank in the history room.

In CANTonese Style Cuisine, she and Paisley try to figure out why she had not been invited to a cheerleader's birthday party.

In IgnorANTs Is Bliss, she entered Gibson's dog show.

In America Needs TalANT, she gets onto America Needs Talent, and later tries to steal Chyna's song.


  • She is the student body president. ("Student Council")
  • She dated her best friend Paisley's boyfriend, Keith. ("Bad RomANTs")
  • She has been absent for 4 episodes in a row as of August 20, 2011, making her the least appearing main character, even less than Angus Chestnut.