Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

June 17, 2011


Jeny Quine


Bob Koherr

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The PhANTom Locker"

ParticipANTs is the second episode of season one of A.N.T. Farm due to the episode TransplANTed being shown as the preview. However, most people refer to it as the second episode.


Chyna decides to get involved in extracurricular activities and joins the cheer squad. Meanwhile, Fletcher joins Cameron's "End Hunger Today" club and soon learns he is using it to get free food.

Episode SummaryEdit

Chyna convinces Olive to make an effort to be more involved with their school's extracurricular activities, so they both tryout for the cheerleading squad. Only Chyna gets accepted, but she gets more than she bargained for when Lexi puts her cheerleading skills to the test. She purposely weakens Chyna enough to make her lose her voice and injure herself, right before the school musical auditions. Chyna apologizes to Olive, using an A.N.T. Pad. She tells her that she will not tryout for the school play, but Olive convinces her to go for it. Lexi's singing audition went perfectly, but Chyna's singing audition was hoarse. Chyna confronts Lexi, Mr. Zimbaldi, and the pianist, about looking at her as if she is a freak. Mr. Zimbaldi ends up believes she is actually citing lines from a movie, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", and gives her the part, causing Lexi's plan to backfire. Meanwhile, Cameron creates his own club called the "End Hunger Today" club as an excuse to slack off and eat buffalo wings, but when Fletcher catches him in the act and threatens to tell the teachers about his fake club, Cameron is forced to let Fletcher join. After Cameron is unsuccessful in getting donations for the club, Fletcher creates a poster that claims that the club is endorsed by Oprah, in order to gain fraudulent donations. When Susan Skidmore finds out what the boys have been up to she, instead of punishing them, wants to join them. At the end of the episode Olive is seen asking if she can join the club, but Principal Skidmore throws a buffalo wing at her, claiming that the club is full when there were only three people in the room.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Gibson: Okay everybody, this is it. The activity fair! A great opportunity for you to blend in with the big kids.

Chyna: Well, then, not so sure that the preschool safety rope is helping.

Lexi: Try out for cheer! Sign up here!

Paisley: Jump up and wave your arms... Don't set off the fire alarms! (Lexi gives Paisley a look) What? That's a really good message!

Olive: Why are you blowing your whistle? Is someone lost? (Paisley raises hand, Lexi slams it down) Lexi: Olive, your cheer was very educational. I learned that... I HATE YOU! NEXT!
Chyna: Shake it to the left! Shake it to the right! Stand up, wolves! And fight, fight, fight! Push 'em back! Push 'em back! Wolves attack! (Left shoe hits Paisley in the face)Paisley: Oww! My nose!

Chyna: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! Paisley: I think it's bleeding! (tilts head back) Chyna: Oh, wait, you're supposed to tilt your head forward. (accidentally slams Paisley's head into desk) Paisley: OWW! (Paisley runs out of gym)

Chyna: Uh, Paisley I am so so sorry about your nose.

Paisley: Aww, don't be. I'm hoping it's broken so my mom will finally let me get a nose job.

Chyna: Angus, Angus! He's our man! If he can't hack into the CIA classified database nobody can!

Olive: Hey, uh, why are you talking like that? Chyna: Lexi says to do it right, I must cheer both day and night. Olive: Okay, um, where were you at lunch? Chyna: Sorry I didn't eat with you. Cheerleaders met from one to two. Olive: Uh fine. Hey! Wanna come over after school then? We can make historical hats for my turtle. Chyna: The squad is getting their hair done. Lexi says it's lots of fun. Can I take a rain check? Olive: Cheer again and I'll punch your neck. I can't believe you're making friends with Lexi. I mean it's not natural. Have you ever seen a gazelle and a crocodile signing each others yearbooks? Chyna: She's not so bad, now I have to leave. It takes forever to get a weave.

Fletcher: So, what did you order? Mild, Mild Medium, Medium, Medium Hot, Hot, Extra Hot, or Aah! Get this out of my mouth!

Cameron: Just see for yourself. Fletcher: (Fletcher takes a bite of the buffalo wing) Aah! Get this out of my mouth! Cameron: Actually those are the medium. Fletcher: I don't care, get this out of my mouth!



  • This episodes attracted a total of 4.3 million viewers on it's premiere night.
  • In this episodes it is revealed that Wacky the Wolf is a wolf.
  • This is the first episode where we see [[Susan Skidmore].
  • Although it was never mentioned in this episode, the extracurricular activity that Olive ended up joining was the school newspaper.


  • Chyna said that the play could be Cats and she could end up playing the litter box, but in TransplANTed it was already announced that the play would be Hairspray.
  • When Principal Skidmore is talking to Fletcher in the hallway she pull down the Global Warming poster and throws it on the floor. If you look on the floor the poster is not there anymore.